Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Our first dinner & apartment

This is an example of how the storage space works in our apartment. Under the bathroom sink is always stocked up with stuff. There are not any closets to put it in.

You can bet our closet is a deluxe walk in closet. It's not nearly big enough but luckily we have a storage unit outside that houses half my wardrobe.

This is my favorite purchase we made because our books and such were all over the floor before this came along.

Our kitchen table only has 3 chairs. It gives it character right? And it houses a vase that cost more than the table and forked up art. That's what that thing is called, for real. I can't make that up.

The Kitchen Aid is the best. I love the color. One day it will go even better with the dream kitchen I have all ready for myself in my non-existent dream house. A girl can dream.

The freezer is always this full. It doesn't empty because then I fill it.

So I first made dinner for Tyler. It was spaghetti. He hates spaghetti so that was funny. But he ate the whole thing. And I tried not to make spaghetti after that too much.
There's the grande tour. (Grande with an E, yes, because it is sophisticated.) Come by anytime! Really, I would love a visitor or 2.

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  1. looks like a great place :) love your kitchen aid mixer...uber jealous!