Monday, July 13, 2009

Home Sweet(-ish) Home?

The beach right outside Beth's house. So lucky to live there for 5 weeks!
The vineyards on the way to the airport. 
Joe and I at the "discoteques" on the last night.
My host parents, Gloria, me, Cleo (aka wawita) and Pablo (viejo). 
Gloria and I right before the water works.
Our teachers and our class. Felipe and Gloria are the best!!! 
Joe and I outside the club at 5AM...
Beth and I climbing the rafters... We are the sober ones of the group... haha.

So I arrived in Utah. :[ I am super sad and miss my host family and my friends and the beach and churros with pure fat injected into them, and my bed being made every day and having food on the table for me when I wake up and whenever I may just want to eat. AH. I miss Chile to say the least and had the best time there. I cant wait to travel again next summer!

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