Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My Contribution

This is my contribution to the economic struggle:
1. Along with the shopping I am doing because Urban Outfitters has an extra 25% off their sale TODAY ONLY if you type in 25OFFSALE so I cant resist. 

2. Also, they have 4 playlists that are 21 songs long that you can download free off their website here:

3. I havent found anything cuter and more me than: http://yourheartout.com/ Those of you that live in Utah HAVE to look at this! Every now and then they will have free give-away's from local restaurants, designers and even wedding caterers?! In general it is just a really cute and fun website. (The things that say doorprize means its a give-away, trust me, I am a veteran here.)

4. If you need new music, but just dont want to pay the new $1.29 for downloads on itunes... Pandora.com is a lifesaver. You type in a name of a band or song and it finds songs and bands like them. It also is a great way to introduce you to new music and up and coming artists, but you get to preview here first! AWESOME. Love Pandora and there is a special place in Heaven for the creators. Haha. 

Go check those out and have a great summer day!! I am off to Thanksgiving Point (http://www.thanksgivingpoint.com/visit/gardens/visit/discovery_garden/about.html) with my nieces for a fun day at the gardens and they even have a "Noah's Ark" which is a huge water fountain kids can run and play on. For $6 for Adults and $4 for kids, not a bad way to spend a hot summer day here!!!! 


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