Monday, July 6, 2009

Fourth of July weekend

Paublo Neruda has these all over his house that were on the fronts of ships. This is the only one that is allowed to be photographed. 
SUCH a pretty sunset. 
Pedro de Valdivia. 
I am deathly afraid of llamas, but apparently this is an alpaca. 

hiding behind my favorite thing in the world here, Coke!

Chase, Beth, Me and Todd. Beth was hyper and made hats for us...
This bridge was way unstable. COOL!
The Andes ladies and gents. 
"Beautiful Hands" by Brian 
Zip Line in rain boots? Check!

Went camping this weekend on Americas birthday! AWESOME. PS camping wasnt like camping. It is really cabins with bathrooms and running water and really cute kitchens and hot water and beds! And a fire place!!! So it was neat! And there was a zip-line. It was awesome!!! The end because I have a presentation and would rather be on facebook. haha

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