Monday, July 27, 2009

Gallivan Thursdays and Sunday Bike Rides=Summer

My favorite boy in the world.
Lizi and I before the bike ride.

Failed attempt at riding on the back of T's bike
Tyler and I... "Hi, we're dating". 

Tyler and Lizi
Tyler hates this picture but I loved it so much. Him and the girl in the back are doing the same thing! hahaha
At the pool
Covering up por supuesta!  (of course)
The Counter Burgers in Gateway in Salt Lake. THE BEST Veggie burger... Oh my goodness.
Lizi and I went and explored the Library at night after Gallivan. It was a great time and a million photo ops.
The "Ashley Pose"

So the new tradition is Thursday nights at Gallivan (continuing from last summer) and Sunday evening bike rides. MMM. Summmmmerrrr. 

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