Monday, July 27, 2009

The girls and I went to Thanksgiving Point

What could make these two pass out so hard? Well....
The girls in the water by the boat. 
Have you ever seen a cute picture of Ava? It can be done!
Sam with Ava in the background getting wet!
A perfect "Ava door".
Sophie and her 5 teeth.
Sophie liked my glasses.
The girls and their ducks.
Sophie was scared of the bear.
The girls on the bear
The girls in a maze.

So I surprised the girls one day when I baby sat them, and bribed them to be good. We went to Thanksgiving Point's Children's Discovery Gardens. They LOVED it. It was a good afternoon trip. They were sooo tired when we got home too that half of them fell asleep! AWESOME! They really did have a great time and so did I. 

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