Monday, July 27, 2009

Im only me when Im with you

So tonight I come home to a package on my bed. What does it contain? PURE LOVE. 
Its my bathingsuit that I left in California in February, a card with Asian monks that are on a roller coster, a bag of peanut butter M&Ms and a letter. Only things I would get in a package from Sarah Martin aka the Silly to my Billy aka "your future kidney donor" (as the card states).
This is what the letter says. (Note: If you don't know any Taylor Swift songs you wont understand why it made me cry... but if you do, then you realize that this whole letter is songs of hers.)
Hey Ashley:
I know things are sucky but I've got some things to say to you. I know he makes you crazier but in life you'll do things better than dating the boy on the football team. He should've said no, you should've been there in the back of his mind. It ain't Hollywood, it's P-town and now its 2AM and you're cursin his name. He's just another picture to burn. He can't help that you look like an angel and when he comes around sayin sorry to you, you're silly's gonna show him how sorry he'll be. So to state the obvious, you didnt get your perfect fantasy and now you've got an I heart ? written on the back of your hand. Life is a love story so just remember to be fearless. You're the prettiest lady in the whole wide world and he doesnt know you like I do and I'm only me when I'm with you. I'm only up when you're not down, so stay beautiful. Your strength is making me stronger. I miss you so much, you belong with me! Cause I'm only me when I'm with you and when you think T-Swift, I hope you think of me. 
Love you,
Your Silly

Okay, really what did I do to deserve to be so loved by someone? I LOVE YOU SARE. 

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