Friday, July 3, 2009

Almost the last week...d,

Beth and I in front of the fountain.
RIP Michael Jackson. Ladies were crying and selling sparkly headbands that he wore. 
I ordered a large pizza at midnight. Its called a "Fat kid"
This is where I live. 
Todd Beth and I in front of a "Tiffany's box with a white satin ribbon" colored wall. 
Oh ya know, just in a boulder. 
This sign was so funny. 
The hostal we stayed in in Santiago. This is our roommates crap everywhere. Ha some good stories. 
On our walking adventure. We literally stopped at EVERY rock that stuck out over the ocean. 
Beth is a great photographer. 
El templo de Mormon en Santiago.
This is the freakshow that is Beth's front yard... Two characters, a horse and two sleeping homeless dogs.
University of Chile futbol game
We were pretty excited to be there.
This man ran a tiendo and he loved us. He apologized for Michael Jackson being dead... along with everyone else. For the record, I didnt know Michael Jackson.

Picture update again... Santiago from last weekend, our second time there. And then today our teacher offered to drive us to a town called Con-Con. It is like a 25 minute bus ride and we decided to walk back and stop at every rocky point along the way... Oh wait. After like 3 hours Beth and I look at each other and are like, "where on EARTH is a bus?!" So we hopped on a bus, left the boys and headed back to Vina to the mall. Don't worry, we had McDonald's and were good again!!!! Oh, to be an American! It is now really nice weather so being outside is awesome. 

This weekend we are going CAMPING in the Andes mountains. (Yes, like the mints). Because I said that and the only person who got it was my sister, Amanda. Which makes sense because she and I share a deep love for anything sweet. Should be interesting though! 

HOME IN A WEEK FROM SUNDAY!!!!! So bittersweet... 


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