Wednesday, July 1, 2009

2nd to last weekend here! :(

Chile doesnt joke around about its rain.... This is what happens when it rains for an hour!!! Rain usually lasts for a day here and it doesnt let up. The buses hydroplane everywhere. It is amazing to me that there arent more accidents here.
Beth Todd and I at the temple. This was pretty much all we have done in Santiago but Beth and I had a cool experience. After we both looked at eachother and were like ¨wow now I want to give a talk in church. haha¨

University of Chile game. I will never forget it... oh wait I couldnt if I wanted to because I am going to have a scar on my leg once this huge bump goes away cause I fell down the bleachers when they scored the final goal. People here go NUTS for their soccer. Loved it.

So i am sick and it sucks. I just tried to go to the doctors for the SECOND time. The health care here is good, but it is sooo backed up. I finally have an apointment for 6PM tomorrow. I have been having flu like symptoms for 3 days now. Not fun. This weekend was fun in Santiago... I am trying to gather pictures because my camera accidentally got left behind. I swear I would loose my head here if it wasnt attatched to my body. I always tell people I usually dont feel this unorganized at home. But more later. I need to sleep cause I have been up for 3 hours and I am dying. ha Ciao!!!

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