Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tracy and I went to Au Naturale, its a natural fast food place and its so good. I always recommend the salmon sandwich. Yeah, does Wendys have a Salmon sandwich? Nope!
Baby sitting the girls at a park while they went down water slides. I will post more of those later!
Milo and I go on walks all the time. He loves being outside. 
Me, Tracy, Chaison, and Tony went to Dane Cook at the E Center. It was so fun!
My youngest niece, for the time being, Sophie. She is the youngest of 4 lively girls and is hilarious. 
GUESS WHAT? Tonight I am going to Taylor Swift's concert. Now we dont have tickets... BUT we do have money and cute girls! haha so... hopefully we get tickets! 
For now, heres what I have been up to lately... 

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