Thursday, May 28, 2009

Well... T-Swift is my new BFF, of course!

During "Should've Said No" the words came down in water!!!!! 
I literally could have touched her she was that close. And she came out in a Jazz jersey. How cute!
During "Love Story" she had all these dancers dressed up and then at the end did a costume change on stage... No biggie. 
"You're Not Sorry" with a remix of Justin Timberlake's "What Goes Around". SO cool.
HAHA During "Forever & Always" and the fake "Joe Jonas". SO funny. 

When she first came out.
Tracy and I in front of her trucks.
SO I said I was going to do it, and I did. Well WE did. Tracy and I went to Taylor Swift! Not only did we go, we sat in the second row!!!! It was unreal. Taylor was soooo good and it was the best concert I have ever been to! AND she played for like 3 hours. 
Tracy and I walk up to the venue and we go to a scalper and he tells us something like $80 for the closest he has. We say no and walk to someone else. He says something like $100 for the second row tickets. We both say no and are about to walk away and then he bargains. (I have learned how to do this because of my mother. The many wonderful things she taught me as a child, like sneaking M-80s into the U.S. from Mexico in your bra.) Then we ended up getting the tickets for face value and go inside. (We payed $60 for these seats.) We find out seats and to our amazement we are RIGHT next to the stage! I was so excited. I just kept screaming. And then the concert started and Taylor had more emotion than I could have imagined. She was so fun and then she paused before she played a song and she was crying and she said that she would remember that moment for ever. She was sooo good!!!!! 
Now, I cant stop listening to her and when my friend was in my car he was like "wow, wasnt Taylor last night?!" I LOVE TSWIFT!!!!!!!!!

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