Monday, May 18, 2009

Me walking barefoot after the Britney Spears concert. It was cold and rainy.
Mollys grandmas yard. Pretty neat to have that in your YARD!

My niece Sophie's first birthday. The baby is growing up so fast! (And she takes after me, she ate that WHOLE cake. I couldnt be prouder). 
My pal, CJ, and I. no we arent getting married, but who can resist the cow hide chair?
At Molly's grandmas farm house Lizi and I went exploring. 
My dads ex girlfriends daughter posted these pictures of us on facebook. thats why i love facebook. look at how priceless these are!

So I have one follower, so this is for you Lizi. haha It is summertime for me now and despite the fact that I oh so desperately need a job, I am having a ball of a time!!! I basically do nothing all day and now I am determined to be more productive, eat better and work out, and have an amazing day everyday. Shoot for the stars and land in the moon or something like that right? So, I found an amazing cute blog: or something like that. haha hope that works. look at it. i like it a lot. 
PS, this is why I don't take Ambien anymore. Lizi is a case in point:
"Its Tiff iv told you abbott hier them date sometim and them they dont she s wierd and she boude to find out when he come hono i ibid fri a really wed. haha"
she was trying to tell me about someone and it didnt work. thats why i dont take that pill anymore. hahaha wow. SO... heres some photo updates cause those are way more fun!

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