Wednesday, April 13, 2011

This one's for the big guy!

Tyler gets home in a minute with my pesto pasta and caesar salad from Noodles and Co.
But, I had to share a little story with you before he does. You know, bragging about him.
So he has been doing really really well at his new job. He loves it, he's good at it, and he is getting recognized for his hard work. I don't even mind that he's always home later than he should be because he stays on a call too long. He finally has a job he likes and I am not complaining about having money come into our bank account every other week.
On top of being the number one employee (that may be an exaggeration), he still pulls through for me. Today I was at the doctors office and I called him because I had just gotten really sick at the office. I was mortified that the poor nurse had to keep checking up on me because they thought I was going to pass out. But, Tyler was at work in Salt Lake and I was in Orem, I had no clue how he was going to help me. I hung up with him because he had a plan. The man with the plan saved the day and my brother in law Kev-Bo picked me up from the doctors office 20 minutes later. It was wonderful. Now he is getting me dinner while I lay in bed waiting to order new shoes from Anthro and looking at Zara and H&M's spring look book. I have to be prepared for when we go to Vegas, duh.
But thank you to my previous life where I must have been a saint for snaggin' up a catch like Tyler. And thank you Tyler for still wanting to be married to me when I describe disgusting things to you via telephone.

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