Thursday, April 7, 2011

This American Life.

So my husband (his name is Tyler so I will just call him that and you will know I am talking about my husband, okay?). So Tyler started listening to This American Life a while back when he got a cool new phone that he will talk to you about for decades. And this cool new phone played This American Life for me when we had to drive far. (This term far is relative to Utah because in other states far is far longer than Utah far. Oh, we drove 2 hours.) So we drove and drove and on the way there we basically listened to every CD I owned. On the way home Tyler* was sick of Taylor Swift, Mates of State and some CDs he burned for me because I just have a CD player and we plugged in his phone. For the record, I could have listened to all those CDs again because I do everyday. We put on This American Life and I was hooked. It was an hour long, so we listened to two stories. I thought my life had been enlightened just as I am sure the producers of the show intended.

Flash forward to this afternoon. I had taken an anatomy test, physiology test, and a written composition in spanish so I justify my actions, or the lack of, here. I was laying on the couch, had just finished an episode of Real Housewives of Miami because all my regular shows are not on right now. So, I was desperate since I don't usually feel a void after visiting Hulu. I was not impressed by this series so I went to Netflix. I have finished Grey's Anatomy, the series, since we have gotten Netflix. (I watch it while cooking. And sometimes when I am laying on the couch, like now.) So, I am searching the 'Flix and find This American Life. I never knew it was a show too! So I watched two episodes, felt better about my sedintary lifestyle and would advise you do the same.

The whole point of all this nonsense is to tell you to go listen to This American Life's podcasts**. Radio Lab is also great. They have great stories and Ira Glass's voice is pretty close to perfection.

*Refer to first set of parenthesis.
**This week would be a great time to go listen because the story is so good and it's something you've never heard. I would bet you a McDonald's sundae and large Poweraid.

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  1. It's funny because after every post of yours that I read, I wonder why we weren't friends before now. You and I--we like the same things. i.e. trashy tv, McDonalds sundaes, the 'flix, and something i just discovered, radio. I haven't heard of This American Life before, but I'm sure Cole (not "husband") and I will check it out.
    Oh and another funny thing, Cole and Tyler have a lot in common as well. i.e-talking about cell phones for hours while we gossip and send greeting cards to each other.