Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Ty Guy!

Happy Birthday to my dearest boy. The boy who is turning 25 today. The one who loves the smell of fresh wood chips. The one who loves Conor Oberst and Notorious BIG. The one who is a foot taller. The one who doesn't mind picking out baby names with me and doesn't think I am insane when I create a google doc so we don't forget them. The one who knows everything about Google. The one who loves cars, computers and phones. The one who never goes without wearing a belt. The one who pokes me when I bite my nails. The one who goes to work and school full time so I don't have to work so much. The one who is ticklish under his arms. The one who warms up my cold feet in bed. The one who makes yummy sticky fingers. The one who can make me blush. The one who says funny things and laughs harder at them. The one who calls me a sass just about everyday. The one who is going to be the dad of our sassy babies one day. The one who wears the title of Uncle very well. The one who enjoys an ice cream cone from Macey's. The one who danced on a table in the rain and sang Grease with me. The one who always recalls the story correctly when I can't. The one who loves Dr. Pepper and a double single no onions add pickles extra toast. The one who comes home from work and does funny impressions of people. The one who lies in bed while I talk him to sleep. The one who is obsessed with Dexter. The one who loves his car and takes good care of his things. The one who scrounges up great new music from who-knows-where. The one who could not be any more different than me. The one who is my greatest friend.

I love you Tyler Pack! Happy Birthday.

(Tyler is taking a business stats final this morning and working until late tonight. So I should add the one that doesn't complain when his Birthday is the stinky-est.)

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  1. Happy (belated) Birthday! Sorry we missed it but what a great guy he is, especially for heath.