Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Periodic Table?... What's that?

I started school yesterday. It's been about a year since I have been in a classroom. (Chile doesnt count. Not even close. Even though I thought I was going to die in that classroom with 8 desks and H1N1 floating around). Anyway, sitting in a classroom is way hard if you haven't been doing it, but still "going to school". Who's idea was this again? Good grief, Charlie Brown. 2 hours of sitting in a little desk is hard. I know people have way more hours of sitting and lecturing and note taking, but this is a strange new sensation of school.

So Chemistry eh? It is in a portable, like the one's you are used to if you grew up in Southern California and half your classes since middle school were in portables. It was a pretty big one though, big enough to fit an average middle school hallway. Anyway, the class is Chemistry 1110. (I know, I know. I slacked and so I am cramming my Chem series in now.) We have to memorize the periodic table by Wednesday. We got the assignment Monday. You may think this is easy, just memorize right? No. Tellurium and Thallium, do you know the difference? I sure don't. Maybe if the periodic table was made into cookies for me I would remember better. Like above. I bet that person memorized the periodic table.

Welcome back to school little one. I'm pretty sure someone in the hierarchy of higher education is laughing at me. That's what I get for taking online classes huh?

Now that I have vented for 15 minutes. Back to 15 minutes of memorizing. (Se-Selnium. Who invented your name?)

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