Wednesday, January 13, 2010


If I don't have a daughter, someday, I will be very upset. I mean I wouldn't mind having all boys. But I really really want a little girl. And please, heaven, don't send me just one because my future husband will hate me for buying her everything and neglecting all of the little boys of the world. I just goo and gah over little girls clothes. Sometimes I, now not so secretly, swoon over baby clothes from European stores online and want my children to have accents and call me mama and their father, papa (in a sweet little European accent.) Now isn't that just precious? I believe so. And everything is way more tempting to buy when it's smaller. If you don't believe me go to a store and find a shirt in the smallest size, then find it in your size. Which one is cuter? The smaller one. Promise, every time. Or just step into Baby Gap and if you aren't Ebeneezer, you will peel over.

**** No, I am not pregnant. Ew. (Just kidding). But really, I am no where near that phase, I am not wanting a baby, I am just saying. I just one day in the far off distant future want a little girl with curls. And a reason to buy cute little dresses that are on sale of course. That's all. Thank you. ****

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  1. I always really want a child until I am around my sister's baby, and realize that having a child and a normal life are not compatible. Then I just want to borrow her's.