Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Probably didnt move out of that position much. 
Neither did they... 
Lizi playing with sand because I asked her to.
Me touching the sun cause Lizi asked me to. 
This precious little girl let me take a picture of her and her HUGE cotton candy. 
This is why we are friends... because they appreciate good food. 
Kevin who is the most precious boy.
He ran the "CARN DAWG" station. Basically a carnie. 
Lizi & I did a photo shoot in front of this random sign. 
Heart sunglasses are all the rage. 
My face and the little girls are the same. (Notice Hollywood on his phone). 
Ty in all the tubes having a picture text battle with me. Which he won... 

Back from Bear Lake!!!! The Pack family aka my new family (Lizi, Kevin, Tyler) and I rode up on Friday night and had a great time in the car ride there... 2 homemade CD mixes, 1 stop for dairy keen in Heber for: 2 shakes, 1 onion rings, 2 chicken fingers, and 1 fry, then 1 adventure of almost running out of gas for about 40 miles... we were there! 
THEN we had:
2 trips to the lake 
3 BAD sunburns
2 nights of being told we were too loud
1 girls trip to the only restaurant that had desert
1 trip to the crafts fair
3 corn dogs
1 trip to the playground
2 nights of watching movies (Anchorman and Never Been Kissed)
50 times of saying "rufus" and "you rock my world"
10 raspberry shakes 
and 6 naps later...
we took the 3 hour ride home. 
Thank you to the Pack's for letting me be in your family!!!!

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  1. Kev Bo and I look like such Sloths in that second picture.

    You Rock My World.