Friday, July 17, 2009

No hay tiempo!

There really isnt time for everything. One thing I learned from reading Utah Valley Magazine instead of taking a nap (only because Joy Astle was in it of course! Go get it and look for her!)... was that I need to just let go of the little things. Tomorrow, there may be time to clean my room, but if not, whatever. I wont regret that, but I would regret not sitting on my bed at my moms and talking to her about life and how I am doing and how I am learning to let go of things and hearing her advice. I would definitely regret spending the entire evening in Salt Lake with Lizi and going up to go see a concert and showing up 40 minutes before it ends because we were eating the best burgers of our lives and talking for 2 hours. I would also regret not taking a million pictures and letting the meter expire. (We do all love the rush we feel and the relief when there isnt a ticket). Also I may not regret spending the $25 gift card I got for Target at Christmas from my best friend Sarah, but it bought me The Sounds new CD but I would regret not buying that CD and listening to it all day (which I will post about later because I need to declare my deep love for them and that new CD). 
So basically, just let go of it. Really, the house can be cleaned tomorrow and if its not, no biggie. If it is, awesome. You deserve a treat. Perhaps a nice cold Mr. Pibb from McDonalds (They dont have Dr. Pepper, BUT a large is $1 and its cheaper than the small!) Reward yourself every once in a while. Even if it is only for the fact that you havent bitten your nails in a whole week and you cried one single tear over something that you wanted to sob over. You deserve it. Cheers!

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  1. favorite post.
    you're a doll. i am glad i saw you last night!
    and it's okay to sob... just so you know.

    love you!