Thursday, June 11, 2009

Oh and we went to a mueseo today. It was in my friends backyard and we just went walking around and found it!!! It was $.50 US to get in. I know. MUCHO EXPENSIVE! haha
We werent allowed to use flashes, but we were allowed cameras. 
Because I insist on posing with statues... 
The wine cellar, turned into art gallery. 
Me at the beach!!! (Watching the sun go down is becoming a routine).
Me, Max, Tucker, and Beth... classic. 
our Chilean friends. (The Americans are in the middle haha)
Beth and I.
Tucker, Beth, Max and I at the beach.... so nice!
The new ring I am OBSESSED WITH! for $2 it could be the best thing I have bought.... haha

Tomorrow (Friday) I am going to Santiago with my friends Beth and Chase. We are the only LDS people who want to go to do temple work because the others did it before they came here! I am SUPER excited!!!!!! We get back Saturday and then we go straight from the bus station in Vina (where I live) to another bus to go to a ranch with the rest of our group. I have NO idea what to expect. Haha. I am so excited for this weekend though! This email I just got from someone who went to Santiago right before we all got here said this:
"oh, and another bit of advice.  if the sidewalk is wet in a spot, avoid walking on the wet part.  a lot of people pee on the side of the building, or in a little corner." 
PS I have made awesome friends here. Everyone in our group is just awesome. 
Yesterday we went to the beach after school and watched the sun go down. It was way cool. It is so pretty. And no one is on the beach cause it is winter here. AH so nice! Then we bought cool rings on the board walk for less than $2 US. They are made out of forks that are 100 years old. They were all so cool (expect presents!).
Today we went to school then to a "meeting" where its like students from the school and then people from our groups here. It was so fun and we met the COOLEST Chileans. They were telling us who to stay away from and stuff. haha they were soo cool. It was 2 guys and 2 girls. They were really nice. Then we went to the mall and to the beach and I got DVDS for $2 (they actually work!!!) They are all pirated but... eh heeemmm. 
Then we went to a jazz concert that our school put on and it was way fun. I love the group I am in!!!!! Here are pictures then off to bed. No me tarae es no finished. hahaha. whoops. I will do it in the morning! 

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  1. not gonna lie ash, that picture of you soo close to that statue totally made me cringe haha. i'm glad you're having such a good time, miss you erry day :)