Thursday, June 18, 2009

Beth and I outside a big house in Santaigo.
Beth at I at the temple with missionaries who spoke english!
At a park.
Paublo Neruda and I getting cozy.
My new room.
Beth and I at Paublo Nerudas house.
At the horse ranch!
So this whole school group wanted a picture with the blonde girls. haha
The group at a chocolate factory-vinyard. Ha Good mix.
The entire group from the U at dinner. The food was so awesome!

Beth, me and Max at Paublo Neruda´s house in Valpo.

At a horse ranch con Betchya. (Beth)
THE BEST DRINK. It is just raspberries pureed with like water or something. It was so good! (No alcahol, dont worry!)

okay so theres a quick picture update. I am doing great!!!! Haha. I love my new house and am soo so busy!!!! I love you all and I will write more later!

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