Friday, March 27, 2009

Woah! Where did this week go? Apparently it moved itself to the past file while I was trying to scramble with the present file, and now its time to look at the future one but what else am I going to miss!?! This week I have been having some weird dreams and my friend Lizi girl who blogs as well, said that there are dream interpretation websites! So I decided to go check on one instead of studying for my spanish test that I am determined to ace (just like my math test but then the teacher said there was 20 minutes left and I realized I was literally done with half of the test... See ya 4.0!)
Okay so last night I had this really weird dream that I was at a water park with my little sister (Ellie) and we were having alot of fun. There was this big waterslide that everyone went down and we had to get off and go through like tubes that they have at McDonalds in order to get to the bottom. I am never closterphobic, but in the tubes everything started getting smaller and I got bigger. It was really weird, like Alice in Wonderland. (I swear I dont do drugs!) Then we went to go home and for some reason we were in New York City on subways and trains trying to get home and there were shootings going on. All the black people in the city were carrying guns and threatened to kill everyone. (I know creepy). Then I was so worried about my little sister that all of a sudden my cousin got on at one of the stops. She helped me keep track of my sister but we lost her and I thought that someone had shot her. I was searching for her then all of a sudden my cousin was like oh shes just sitting down right here. Then I woke up. 
WEIRD. I dont know what it is but my dreams are so weird lately. 
Oh and EVERY ONE of my dreams this week has been about a wedding. I keep having it. I looked up online and it symbolizes a new transition and reflect issues of independence and commitment. The only thing I am committing to is the Spanish language! Hopefully I get into the Chile program for study abroad this summer because I didnt get into Spain because it was full!!!! UGH! Oh well, everything happens for a reason!

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