Monday, March 23, 2009

If You Have Sometime...

Okay so I was reading something on YahooNews because thats where I get all my news updates and it had 100 top movies. Well, I don't even think I have seen 100 movies that I can remember but here are a few...
1. Breakfast at Tiffany's 
2. Dumb and Dumber 
3. When Harry Met Sally 
4. Anchorman
5. Revolutionary Road
6. Tristan and Isolde
7. The Notebook
8. The Duchess
9. Finding Nemo
10. Legally Blonde (I know... but I couldn't resist). 

ALSO if you need some good music check out these: (and some good songs by them)

More Mellow:
William Fitzsimmons (Funeral Dress, Passion Play, Hazy Ft. Rosie Thomas)
A Fine Frenzy (Think of You)
Stars (My Favorite Book)
Eric Hutchinson (Rock N Roll)
Azure Ray (November, Rise, Displaced)
Lets Go Sailing (Sideways)
Damien Rice (His "O" and "9" album)
RuRu- he's local from Provo (Elizabeth, Golden)
Scott Schipper Bowden- a friend of mine (Life-sized Doll, Catacomb)
Sea Wolf (I Don't Know If I'll Be Back This Time)
Sia (Breathe Me)
Jose Gonzales (Crosses, Heartbeats)
Missy Higgins (They Weren't There, The Special Two)

More Upbeat:
Taylor Swift (Her whole "Fearless" album)
Mates of State (The Re-arranger, We Are Free, My Only Offer)
Miley Cyrus (okay I know... but really, listen to Right Here)
Maria Mena (You're the Only One)
Shawn McDonald (Free)

Sorry, it's winter, I don't really listen to upbeat music when it's grey outside. Ha. 
The classics that are always my favorite: The Beatles, Van Morrison, and Tom Petty.


  1. Love it! Are those movies your favorites? I'm so glad you put songs on, I'll go make an "ac" play list right away!! oh and I don't ever listen to upbeat music; rain, shine. NEVER. xoxo

  2. LIZI! i am so glad to see on your blog that you have sia breath me on there!!!! haha i loved it. and i love your music. i just downloaded some songs off of your music player. you will have to teach me how to do that.

  3. I would love to teach you! Yay cd club!