Monday, March 23, 2009

It's Monday!

Kylee, me and Tracy went 80's dancing. We left early (Sorry Lizi!!!)
Milo and I spent a lot of time together over break. What's new? He LOVES Mac computers and if he sees one he opens it up and turns it on. What can I say? We start em young!

So this weekend was fun. Didn't do anything all of Spring Break but thats totally fine with me. And the best news yet!!! I only have ONE test this week instead of three like I thought I had. YAY! I am so excited for that. Oh and today I made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies to celebrate. (See recipe below. They are so good! Thanks Bev Christiansen for the recipe. Ha) 
So this weekend on Friday night I went to my friend Dave's piano performance. During the day I purchased the BEST jeans ever. Go into GAP and ask for their "boyfriend fit" jeans. Oh my!!! SERIOUSLY THE BEST JEANS EVER. (I have worn them everyday since I got them until today because I had to wash them.) SO comfortable and perfect for summer time! They were the best $63 I have ever spent! 
Then after Dave's shindig I went to Chilis with a bunch of friends from Salt Lake. It was good to see them since I havent made time for anyone in Salt Lake since December. Then of course, Shane and Trevor came over and we learned some new words from urban dictionary. I must say, those boys could fill books with the vocabulary they learned from that web site. 
Saturday Jordan and I decided it would be a good idea to "Razor Scooter" down Provo Canyon while the boys long boarded. WORST IDEA EVER. haha literally. We had to push so much. My legs are still sore. Then I went to lunch with Kendal, Jord, Sarah and Alex. Sarah is getting married so we talked about that the whole time! That night we drove the Murray's convertible Audi and blasted music since it was "warm" outside. (Anything over 60 is warm here!)
Then later than night I picked up Emily from the airport since she was in New York all break (Nueva York in spanish). Then on Sunday I went to the Draper temple dedication broadcast. It was beyond amazing!!!!
Good weekend actually! 
And next weekend is FESTIVAL OF COLORS. On Saturday at the Hare Kirshna Temple in Spanish Fork. If you can, go. This is something no one would want to miss!!! I will be sure to put up pictures of that! 

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