Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A little game they like to call... DODGEBALL.

So tonight, I DOMINATED dodgeball. I knew about 5 people there, but no biggie. Let me lay it out for you... One cultural hall, 20 foam balls that get some mad speed to them, about 50 guys and the random 5 girls there, and a nice little game of dodgeball. These people are insane and do it every Wednesday and are way into it. There's the commissioner who sets all the rules and enforces them, then we all just get put into two teams. It was a great time, and then it got even better... So I am just sitting there in the back in the beginning, then I notice that EVERY ONE on my team is out... and i am the ONLY one left. So everyone on the other team is trying to get me out and then I am up against the wall, one ball flies at my face, it bounces off the wall behind me and I catch it and save my team. The next time I notice that everyone on my team is almost out, and so I repeat what I did before, managed to dodge all 20 balls flying at me to catch just ONE of them. Saved my team, got a big W (WIN) and no one has ever accomplished that since... One for the books if you ask me. Any one who was there will tell you, it was a great save, not once, but twice on my behalf. 

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