Monday, January 10, 2011

One day I am going to miss this, you are right.

One day I am going to miss having only 3 chairs for our "dinner table" which has green nail polish on it, among other things. And that day I will probably miss our neighbors barking dogs that always let me know that it was 8:45 AM if I was considering sleeping in. I am going to miss cleaning out everything in our fridge and freezer that could possibly smell because our apartment is stinky. I am going to miss Tyler's computer in the middle of our living room that's right next to the night stand that is holding our TV and all the DVD's we own. (Oh and in the small tiny miniscule drawers it even has every letter and card Tyler ever wrote me. I will never get rid of those.) I am going to miss having everything in one place because we don't have room for it anywhere else. And that "A TON" of laundry was two loads worth. I will miss the time when we knew that it was time to put away the laundry when our dressers had all of our clothes on them until there weren't any in the closet. (Then we would just repeat that one.) I will miss our tiny appliances and the 40 percent of working counter space and how it was impossible to make a full meal at one time. Make that 20 percent. I will miss that we kept our Christmas lights up because our porch light went out and we aren't going through the work of changing it. I will miss the power outages that happen a little too often around here. (Tyler always pays the bills on time.) Oh, I will definitely miss when Tyler paid all of the bills, that's for sure. I will miss our first little apartment with one bathroom in our room so having guests over is impossible.

But, right now, I'd really like 4 chairs for the dinner table and for the dogs downstairs to go to a "farm".

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  1. Ashley. I know exactly how you feel. See you friday? has the polar bear talked to you yet?