Thursday, December 2, 2010

There will be tears and perhaps some blood.

Lizi leaves on Wednesday. The family won't be the same, that's for sure. Last night she and Kylee and Cole came up to go to Training Table and we were all in our living room talking and Lizi got Tyler laughing so hard, and they both were laughing. I secretly wanted to cry because I will miss that a lot. You want to know who can make anyone laugh? Lizi. One time we told my sister that we were going to give her unborn child, Lucy, a facial (like we used to in Dodgeball) and it was one of the best laughs I've had. (Hey Lizi, remember that time when I threw the ball and it hit foxtrot on the head so perfectly. He was out and I can die happy knowing that I did that.) I could go on for days about how much the Pack's here in Sandy (that's just me and Tyler, but still) will miss her. But Lizi, we really will. And in 18 months we will see you in Florida cause we are coming. I don't care what you say.


  1. ahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! FOXTROT! I will never forget that serendipitous moment. We have an eternity to laugh. 18 months is nothing.

  2. i know exactly which moment you're referring to! I had to stop and appreciate their laughter as well.

    Lizi, I'll miss you!!