Friday, June 11, 2010

Ebay is not a new invention, Ashley.

So I am aware that Ebay is not new to the block and that Etsy is great, but sometimes Etsy just doesn't do. Especially for things like wedding bands. So Tyler's cousin said she bought her husbands wedding band from Ebay because he already lost his first one. I asked if she was bummed and she said "No because it was like 20 bucks."

Can you say awesome?
Now, we are insuring my ring, of course. Tyler even read a story about a girl dropping her engagement ring in the toilet and said "If that happened to us I would be sure to tear the whole toilet apart." I am sure you would Tyler, I am sure you would.

But if he drops his in the toilet, I am just bidding on a new one.
BAM, and that's how you handle a wedding band 6 weeks before your wedding.

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