Monday, April 19, 2010

Know what?

No one ever tells you the things that stink about being engaged...
Here they are for you, and you are welcome for warning you.

1. You never sleep because you are thinking of other ways to arrange the tables in the ball room.
2. You never sleep because you have to sleep alone because you are not married yet. DUH.
3. You never sleep because you know that you have some more research to do on center pieces.
4. You never sleep because not all dresses you think are cute will look cute on all your bridesmaids.
5. You never sleep because there are thousands of wedding blogs that post new things each day!
6. You get in the funniest-after-the-fact disagreements about wedding plans.
7. You stress about every little detail, yet you don't even have the big things figured out. ("Where are you going to live?" "WE HAVE NO CLUE!")
8. You have a pretty ring on your finger that distracts you when you drive in day light or under a street light.
9. You feel bad for pawning things off to your family to do because you can't do it all.
10. You aren't married yet so you still have rent to pay separately. (Unless you are me and he lives with his family still. Thank Heavens.)

Really though, number 2 is the hardest. And 1-5 is true. You just never sleep. Unless your whole wedding is being planned by Vogue Magazine. Then I think I would sleep like a baby. Perhaps never even wake up.
But being engaged really is great, until you plan a wedding. Then things get fuzzy and you get tired. Enjoy!

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  1. My advice: don't stress over wedding plans. When it comes down to it, the temple is the best part of the day, and you don't even notice all of the rest after an experience like that.