Thursday, April 29, 2010


I just found this website and I was inspired to say thanks to a few things that need it.

Dear Tracy,
Thanks for letting me take your room while you are in Germany. I have a curtain that makes it dark and I get to sleep in. Oh and thanks for the spot too. Hope you are having fun!

Dear Bed,
Thanks for being so comfy and warm when we forgot to turn on the heater last night and it was 30 degrees outside.
You're awesome,

Dear FOX,
Thank you for broadcasting Glee. It's the greatest thing that has happened on TV in a long time.

Dear Eating Healthy Food,
Thanks for making me feel better lately. And thanks for reminding me that when I eat bad things, that it totally is not worth it.
Sincerely even though I don't always believe you,

Dear Missionaries-I-Haven't-Written-In-FOREVER,
Thanks for being so excited to hear from me when I am not all that cool and haven't written you in way too long. You are so nice.
Keep it up champs!

Okay there.
BOO YEAH. There.

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