Saturday, December 12, 2009

All you have to do is ask.

Monkey enjoyed his last day at the park for the season.

And woke up from a nap in a bad mood and had crazy hair.
Enjoyed "Le Cabin" with Kader.
Lucy is starting to adore Tylers.
Sophie is growing up.
Tyler was introduced and fell in love with Bucca.

Brookey got married to Cody. (I hooked them up 2 years ago, I'm good at that.)

And Sarah did. So here's an update:
It's finals week.
I gave up facebook for the week and a half.
I picked up Pandora again (after briefly boycotting because they make you pay after 40 hours.)
I stopped biting my nails and painted them. (Because Tyler asked me to and gave an incentive.)
I got a root canal. Well, half of one because I don't have dental insurance because...
I got a job at In N Out. (Yes, I wear that outfit and the hat, but I have never been happier at a job. They are amazing and I am sure I will rant about it sooner or later... or Tyler will for me because he loves the company now too.)
I have begun to listen to more mellow music. Colin Hay and A Fine Frenzy have been good to me.
I have also begun hating Christmas music and am denying that it is coming.
And lastly, I am beginning to like Christmas again. (If you recall last year, I hated it.
And really lastly, I am really really happy right now. Thank you very much, sir!

And Tyler has discovered that I am Scrooge sometimes.


  1. I just love your blog! And your posts.. and I think you should set me up with someone cause you said you were good at that! I love you!

  2. Your blog is such a breath of fresh air, so delightful and joyous! A real source of inspiration, thank you for your many morsels of goodness.

    If you have a moment or two, please amuse yourself with my new creation. I would greatly appreciate the brief moment of adoration and any suggestions.

    Thank You.

  3. you are adorable miss. love you!