Tuesday, October 20, 2009

All About Ingrid.

So here's another who I have adored musically, then seeing in person I thought, hey I want to be your best friend, in the totally non creeperton, I don't stalk you or anything- sort of way.
Too dang bad. Maybe if I stalked, I would have more success in the musically inclined, famous best friends. But then again, who's more fun than my best friends?

For the record, I am back in the business of getting the stupidest parking tickets if anyone wants to compare notes.
(AND this sign was not facing the entrance, just the exit, how was I supposed to be looking backwards while driving? Stupid. Oh well.)
Revisiting the "Peace Out" days.
We parked in a dark parking lot and we needed a last picture, ya know, just in case.
Half the fun of the show was the girls behind us in line. They were having the strangest conversations.

This song won my heart over in the friends contest. Tracy and I decided she could join us and Kylie for our usual Mama Chus outings.

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