Saturday, September 19, 2009

Typical Saturday night when playing parent to a 2 year old.

Tyler: "You're my rio. You can't be taking away my weapons."
Milo: "Ow!! OW!!!"
T: "You got in the middle of a dog fight there."
M: "Ow!"
T: "Talk to me."
M: "That blue car stuck."
T: "Wow, I can understand you."
(Jibberish and throwing a plane)
T: "Why did you throw my plane! Now I am going to have to search and rescue it."
M: "Doo Doo Doo! ZZZZZZ"
T: "The wings are on fire! Get in the truck! Leave your processions! Women and children in the lifeboats." (Tyler referring to the airplane that Milo threw).
I burp really loud.
Milo fake burps.
M: "Ashey! Scuse me!"
I say, "excuse me".

Bookies time. That means bed time.
Good night.

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