Sunday, September 20, 2009

Smile List

Things that I enjoy so I smile at them:
1. Babies
2. Blogs
3. Nieces and Milo
4. My car that looks like a bubble
5. Your team my team
6. Being told that I am just really good at life. (Ha okay that never happens but I am sure I'd smile at it haha).
7. Dancey dance time
8. Other people wearing sweats in public
9. Looking at my phone and seeing a bunch of texts
10. Getting a call from a random person
11. Date nights or just staying in nights
12. The words: majestic, dentures, parched and zuchini
13. Working and then having the day off
14. Getting good grades
15. GG, Grey's, and Project Runway
16. Sarah saying possum... "Apossum"
17. Wearing new shoes out of the store
18. When people wink
19. Quoting movies that I know (Not so much fun when I don't know them)
20. Hearing "Party in the USA" on the radio
21. Waking up to nothing to do
22. Completing my whole to do list
23. Speaking Spanglish
24. Anything "fest 09"
25. Fun fetti cup cakes
26. Huntington Beach, California

BAM. Done. There are probably so many more but I can't think of everything, of course.

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