Thursday, September 10, 2009

Photo Update

So I haven't in forever...
So here.

Lizi and I ate at Wingers one night. Always healthy right?
Sadly, I have been replaced.
This one is for Bryn. Guess who!?!
Tyler's work went up to the zoo one day in Salt Lake so of course I came along.
There are even little places where you can get right up next to the prairie dogs, just in case you want to.
Lizi told us not to take pictures in front of these....
So of course I do.
My "look-alike" animal is apparently Nala from the Lion King.
I told Tyler he is a Gorilla.
We love sloths and we have sloth fingers and there is our pal, Sloth, in the background.
(*Look at Tyler's face. SLOTH FACE!)
Scary cheetah.
Waiting for his coworkers to catch up. What can we say? We travel quickly.
Yeah, maybe evolution is real?
... And I should be kept in the zoo too.
The broken elephant.
The reason we went, BABY GIRAFFE!!!
Date night at the Bee's baseball game.
Girls night with: Tracy, Katelyn, Alex, Hayley, Me and Jordan.
Katelyn, me and Tracy getting ready for The Lounge.

So that's my life so far this semester. Oh, and work of course, oh and school (I guess).

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  1. so pretty sure that picture is perfection. maybe even better then the originals... i'm going to go ahead and say it is! your life looks fun, you are cute i'm pumped you posted that!