Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Wisdom of a Nine Year Old

Today Hunter and I were outside jumping on the trampoline talking about the things of life. I asked him about his heart and if he was okay and he said, "Yeah, I'm fine. Do you know about my heart?" I told him I remembered when he came home from the hospital when he was born and how I was sat down and told that he would have to get surgery. He reminded me that his heart pumps twice as much as other people's hearts and that he just can't run as fast. So we had a contest of course. I tried so hard to beat him in this game (I forgot the name, but you jump on the trampoline and sit down and jump back up and who ever does it the most wins.) I almost passed out from trying so hard to get up just one more time and he beat me. I almost cried thinking of how he doesn't realize that I envision his heart just exploding from pumping so much blood. His valve will have to be replaced soon, but this kid isn't going to let any one beat him. He asked me what was the fastest animal in the world. I knew this one, the cheetah. Duh. WRONG. It's the Peregrine Falcon it goes 100 MPH in the air and when it swoops down to catch its prey it can fly 300 MPH. What's the loudest animal in the world? Um this one is hard. Is it some sort of bird? A bird... Am I joking? It's the blue whale. It's as loud as a jumbo jet when it's taking off. But the water muffles the sound of course. Hunter, do you still want to be a paleontologist? Yes. I am practicing and reading books about dinosaurs all the time. Oh that's a good start. Ashley do you still want to be a baby doctor? Yes. I practice too. I hold babies all the time. Even when they are crying and poopy? EW. Yes. Do you know that one time my friend and I were wrestling and he flew through the trampoline net? Really? Yep. Dad fixed the net though. Hunter, can you do this? (I jump as high as I can and kick the air). Yeah that's easy. Can you do this? (some twist and kick that nearly breaks my neck when I try.) Nope. I guess I can't. Want to go swing? Sure.

Love you Buddy.

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