Friday, August 7, 2009

Bachelorette's and more.

What have I done this past week? Well, I returned from Bear Lake on Monday. Went straight to my good friend Sarah's Bachelorette party. Then Gallivan on Thursday of course. Seeing Q-Tip with Tyler had to be one of the high lights of the week because he was so excited to be there. We were in the 2,000 person crowd all dancing! My kind of par-tay!

Going to Gallivan on Thursday with Tyler. He was BY FAR the most excited person there to see Q-Tip and we had the best time dancin our pants off. (No pants came off. Jeeze). 
Lizi and I in Bear Lake with our sweet glasses, again. 
Tyler and I in Bear Lake.
Playing Bingo... which Lizi won. 
Sarah and Alex with the posters. (NOTE: they say dirty things... it was a Bachelorette Party).
Lizi, Sienna and I waiting for Rex, our "male stripper". 
Lizi and I at the party.
Bryn and Amber while playing "truth or dare". 
Sarah and I with the poster that our team made. 
Our mass gift which contained many good things that are useful...
Everyone at Sarah's party
Me, Kendel, Alex, Sarah and Jordan. 
She loves when we do this at every shower... Not.
Everyone looking so fierce!

SUCCESS! Check. 

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