Friday, July 31, 2009

Pool day gone baby style

Milo found the hose that was filling the pool and was trying to drink it and "feeding" Gabi.
Milo really is such a little boy. 
Lizi with the two of them cause they can't just have one of them be held.
Gabi is so cute. She has this tiny high pitched voice and speaks Portuguese and English. 
They loved these noodles. Except they kept hitting us because Milo showed Gabi how. 

Lizi and I had Milo and Gabi (her little cousins baby girl who is 2, so not so baby-ish). We took them to my moms pool and they were hilarious. The way they interact is so stinkin cute. (Dont worry, I have NO intentions of having one of my own for AT LEAST 6 more years...) But this is good practice I guess and its just fun being an aunt!

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