Sunday, June 7, 2009

Dia Uno en Chile!

So... I am safe and sound in Chile!!!!
Day 1:
The trek to Chile all began in the Salt Lake City Airport. Everyone can get through that airport just fine even if you have 10 minutes before your flight. Then to Atlanta. Okay, the two-hour lay over went smoothly and the phone was super-glued to my ear. Then to Chile. The flight was great, didn’t really feel like 12 hours. I sat next to a guy that lives here (no, this isn’t the beginning of Taken). We talked about America and Chile and he told me things to look out for and stuff. Really nice guy. Then I get to Chile and I want to cry because after I get in 3 wrong lines, pay $130 to get a VISA, get crap from the guys at customs for not speaking Spanish and for trying to sneak apples by them (which I did ever-so successfully!). FINALLY I make it out of the baggage claim area and get to where I am supposed to meet my group. So I am looking for a sign. I wish I took pictures because there were SO MANY taxi groups and signs in the air. There’s about 100 people crammed into where you walk out and you cant move your luggage cart without running people over. (Thank heavens I know “lo siento” which means I am sorry and “pardon”. I don’t think I have ever said those two things as much as I just did.) Then I find a lady who looks like she speaks English and I ask her to use her cell phone because I don’t have any Chilean moneys. She lets me use it then I get a hold of someone after 4 tries. They tell me to go to the French coffee shop and hang up. I go to the only thing that looks remotely like a coffee shop, but it really looks like the inside of the McDonalds that is across the street from Disney Land. So now I am in the bus with my “group”, there’s only 5 of us now. I have a feeling I wasn’t the only one who got lost and didn’t know Spanish. I don’t understand anything these people are saying which sucks, but I am ready to learn.
The air here is all smoggy. It really feels like it is sprinkling but it is just so humid, which I am not used to. I really like the people here already. They all have ”Southern Hospitality,” get it? (Imagine at me laughing at my own jokes, like always). It has been a busy 24 hours, but I am happy to be here! I really really am. Plus the people that are on the bus look American so I shouldn’t stand out too much among them.
The family I am with is nice. Its a daughter and her mother (the mother is old and the daughter could be my mother...) The old lady speaks so fast I cant understand her, but Lorento, the daughter is really nice. I have wireless internet i am stealing from someone so I can be on. It is pretty cold, they dont have central heating like in America. I have my own room and bathroom though so that's nice. Tomorrow I start classes, and until then I wont see anyone my age. Lorento doesnt have a car so her friend drove us to the house and is driving me to school tomorrow. I feel like its 11:50 at night, but too bad it is 11:50 AM! My computer is now saying spanish things instead of english. And my facebook looks all spanish except for things people write so that's good. Its strangely quiet in this house and it makes me miss Milo being around and making all the noise.
I Love you all and will talk to you soon!!!!

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