Sunday, March 8, 2009


Emily wore those glasses all night and people stared. Especially when we were in The Melting Pot and its a classy place. 

Of course I had a tiara that said "Birthday Girl". And I also got Hannah Montana and Operation and a Tinkerbell card. Yep, I turned 19, not 9. 

My manager at RMCF (rocky mountain chocolate factory) took pictures of me for her portfolio. I love her and LOVE these pictures. She is amazing. Thank you Randi for doing this, we must do it again!

At the HB Dog Beach with Sarah and her new puppy, Murphy. It was so fun. (You can even see Catalina in the background.) What a great way to spend a weekend. I was at the beach EVERY DAY. 

From Left to Right: Emily, Kylee, Me, and Tracy. 

So this past couple weeks have been CRAZY. Let's see here: I went to California to go see a friend who is going on a mission, then the next weekend was my birthday, then there's now (preparing for spring break which is still up in the air.) My birthday was amazing thanks to everyone involved. I had 2 parties which is very Ashley of me... what can I say? I LOVE BIRTHDAY WEEK! I had a spa day with my roommate Emily. Then had a great night with Tracy, Kylee and Emily which turned into a bunch of people coming over to our apartment. Now I am recouping from weekends past and getting back to work because I can't really live off of my recent pay checks. Next week is school which I am getting back to focusing on, and probably some fun events which I will post. Then the next week is SPRING BREAK! (Going to go somewhere and do something, Kylee, Tracy and I are weighing out our options and going to decide where to go.) I am excited though. Everyone says this is an "exciting and fun time in your life" and I am really getting that now. Exciting!

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