Wednesday, January 7, 2009

LC, Audrina and our very own Justin-Bobby

welcome to our home... or our apartment in which the heater broke the first day we moved in so we thought that we didnt pay the gas bill. (which we havent quite gotten to yet...) and there is the shower that only half works. but we do have a globe on our shower curtain so Ashley is learning geography (it really does help!) and little boys briefs as our shower mat. (an Emily purchase of course). there is creeking coming from the corner of the dining room. not too sure what that is yet. it is approximately 45 degrees in the living room now, ya know, first apartment kind of things. all has character though. and as for us two surviving without killing each other or throwing blow dryers at the others heads, we dont have any battle scars yet! but it has only been the first 48 hours and 3 redbox runs... many more to go! looking forward to sharing our great times and burnt casseroles.

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