Monday, May 23, 2011

What the what? -Liz Lemon.

So today I was reading my sisters reading a People magazine. It had an ad for magnum bars and a picture of Rachel Bilson eating a magnum bar (which are to die for and I should blog about magnum bars and their goodness). At the bottom of the photo it said photography by Karl Lagerfeld in huge writing. So I said out loud what I was thinking which was something along the lines of, "What the Karl Lagerfeld doing an ad for magnum bars?" Neither my brother in law nor my husband thought this was strange and didn't know who Karl Lagerfeld was so I tried to explain that he was the guy who lost a ton of weight by drinking diet coke and designed a bottle for them. They thought I was straight up crazy.

Flash forward to a couple minutes ago when Ty and I are both at our computers next to each other and he said, "Wendy, six years." He expected me to know that that meant that a girl he used to work with at Novel got fired after working there six years. I obviously didn't get this right away and asked for clarification. He said see, it's like when you said that thing earlier about that guy. We are even.

No, we are not even. I will continue to say things out loud that make no sense at all to my husband, and he will continue to do the same. For now, I say we go to Sonic and get some sort of cold drink. Cause nothing sounds better after a three hour nap than something cold to drink.

P.S. Go get a magnum bar. They are at Smiths and get the loadable coupon on Smith's website. (It makes it way cheaper). They are beyond worth it.

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  1. Do you find those Magnum commercials with rachel bilson weird? Especially the ballerina one? Regardless, I would now like to try one since you said they were so great.