Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I hate people who do this but...

I have so many different posts that I want to post about! Really though. It's been a while and I owe it to the blogosphere to put a few out there.
So this last weekend was jam packed. You heard me, jammed. Sarah came into town, we celebrated her birthday and did stuff that friends do such as: go to breakfast, go shopping, go to the movies, take a nap, and go to Texas Roadhouse. If only we lived in the same state as each other we could make this a more common occurrence.

We also went to Kev's farewell because he is going to serve in LA for 2 years. He will be speaking (?) sign language! I couldn't be more happy that he is getting out of here and going to experience something different. There is no doubt that he will bring a whole lot of fun to Southern California.
We played Just Dance 2 at Le Cabin.

I can't help but butt into pictures and look terribly cute.
Ask me how happy I am to be a part of this family? Pretty happy.
All the children-Lizi+DK= the new Pack Family
Oh and one last one for cute measure.

And now I will go back to writing up a report about my first lab for Organic Chemistry. You might as well start a count of how many times I whine about that class on here because it, unlike spending time with Sarah, will be a common occurrence.

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