Thursday, February 24, 2011

TS3 on "accident"?

So on Sunday during Sacrament meeting I told Tyler we weren't going to watch a rated R movie this week. (I mean not that we ever watch them, okay that's a lie.) We have started watching more on Netflix because for some reason those are the one's I always want to see but never do. So he thought he was going to get me on this, I knew it. So I changed the Netflix cue to send us Toy Story 3 instead of a rated R movie that Tyler put on there and I wanted to see too. So they sent Tyler an email saying that we are being sent Toy Story 3. Last night he asked if I changed the cue and gave him my devilish smile because I knew that secretly he was mad cause I discovered his plan. Bam! I felt so proud of myself for thinking of it all. Don't try to get one past me. I will catch what you are slinging and I will throw it right on back and get Toy Story 3.


  1. You're right! I don't know what it is, but Netflix sure does have a way of sucking me in to these r rated films! However, The Adventures of Pippy Longstocking is up next on my cue!

  2. My master plan included receiving whatever movie it was and watching it at the end of the week. What was it even? Babel?