Friday, February 18, 2011

I have a big enough social network, but I will expand it with a film.

Tonight I am making this for dinner. (I get way too many recipes from "Mel").
And I am making these from scratch. Beat that.
And we are going to watch The Social Network because it is out of control that we haven't seen it yet. It was one of those that we wanted to see so badly, but we didn't end up going and then we decided to just wait till it came out because let's face it, if you don't go see a movie within 3 weeks, you might as well wait for it to come out on DVD or go to the dollar movie, and a special thank you run on sentences and commas that I don't use properly and an extra special one to my Spanish teacher for letting me know that I don't even know how to speak English, let alone Spanish.
Enjoy your weekend because we will be enjoying our Friday night snuggling and cuddling. Aren't you just so jealous? Because that is your que to be jealous.

Side Note: I just made both of these and while waiting for Tyler I ate a roll or two... So good. These rolls are totally worth it.

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  1. Yes I'm jealous. What do you expect me to be? "Social Network huh, well I just viewed the Great Wall of China from my space shuttle this evening." No, I cannot beat anything you two do.