Friday, January 28, 2011

Who can deny a picture of a dog with snow on its nose? Not I.

I saw this picture.
If I could, I would ask for it for my birthday. (It's a big birthday for me so that would justify asking for something big.) But like I said, if I could. And I can't because we don't have room and time and you know, these things take time. Also because Tyler said he would never be allowed in our bed. And I pointed out that he said never any food in bed and I break that one all the time. He didn't seem to like my response. I bet he thought I was being a sass which I was. (I will not apologize for the sass, he knew what he was getting when he married me.) As Lizi said in her last letter to me, here's to hoping.

One day little fella, one day.

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