Friday, January 14, 2011

Love and marriage

So I saw these two cute and funny things and thought I would be so kind and share them.
Here's the husband to the wife.
And the wife to the husband.
I think both are pretty funny, but the wife one has some gems on it.
**Warning, some of them are pretty dirty in the one from the wife. (Go figure.) But the husabnd one is mainly just cutesy to get someone to please marry him. Better yet, they should marry each other. Perfect.

IF I HATE SOMETHING OF YOURS so much that I’m tempted to “accidentally” let it fall behind the washer & dryer, I promise to first buy you a replacement to ease your separation anxiety.

FATNESS BTW, don’t be mean to me when I get fat. It’s probably your fault.

Enjoy your weekend! And a long one at that. HORRAY!


  1. hahaha ashley i'm so glad you shared this. I love it!

  2. hahaha oh my goodness, the amount of time i've already spent on these two sites. good find acp.