Saturday, December 4, 2010

Shutterfly Free Christmas Cards

In order to get free Christmas (most likely to be sent out after Christmas), I will be pimping out my blog for a moment.
But Shutterfly is giving away free cards so I figure why not. You can do it here too, if you would like.

They have cute Christmas cards though and you can put pictures on them. Joy Astle took our pictures in like 5 seconds. It was perfect, Tyler wasn't even cranky about it either.

They have way cute cards. I kind of want this one here as shown below. They are cute and not super expensive, especially if you have lots of people to give them to. (Not that we do.)

Or even this card is super cute.

But these one's are cheaper and way easy. They are the flat one's you know what I am talking about? Not a full on card, but then you don't have to think of things to say to people like when you write thank you notes from your wedding and sometimes after like 300 don't know what to say. Yeah, these are a good idea.

Man, these cute cards make me want to steal Milo and Lucy and The Girl's and make a cute card from my family. But, that would be creepy because they aren't my kids. Darn, maybe in like 5 Christmas's we will have our own little one to put on a card and flaunt our perfect family. Maybe.

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