Friday, November 12, 2010

You really can't blame me.

You know it is taking all my will power not to just click my size and check on out.
(If I knew my new CC* number by heart, it would be done and the wrath of the husband would have to punish me becuase I would not feel bad.)

This dress is bananas. It is gorgeous to say the least. I would wear it at least every Sunday.

These pants are really sweats. Genius.

You can purchase both of them in a 4 and small if you want to have them shipped straight to my apartment, I understand.

**CC means Credit Card. And yes, I do memorize the numbers because I have found I have needed to use the number more than once on an important occasion. And when driving and needing to give your number to someone, it's not safe to be pulling out your wallet. Hands at 2 and 10.

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