Monday, November 1, 2010

I thought my husband was going to kill me.

So yesterday my sister asked us to bring rolls to dinner. Okay? Easy enough. I had lots of Pilsbury ones from coups. So I make them after church. So I do as I am told and make them and bring them even in a cake case with a handle that we registered for that Tyler said we wouldn't use!
So I forgot to turn off the oven when I pulled the rolls out. FORGOT. I told Tyler over gmail cause it couldn't wait till he got home. And he just said he was thankful nothing burned down. Really? That's all. I got off easy on this one but I am sweating in our apartment right now. No wonder it's been so stinkin hot.
I am going to be more careful when dealing with the oven. I have burnt myself in the last 2 weeks and kept it on for TWENTY FOUR HOURS STRAIGHT. Awesome.

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  1. Don't feel bad. I make bets that when I come home at least two things will be left on. I usually win the bets.